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China – Weihai – Home of Lishi

I’m just back from a month in China, learning more about the Taoist practices embodied in  the Lishi system of exercise.

Wushu  We met Wushu teachers in Weihai, from whence the Lishi system came to the UK. They recognise that we have aspects of practice they have lost and are beginning to teach the Lishi system in schools.

Tao Yin breathing  This is the basis of modern Qi Gong exercises. A professor of Medical Qi Gong held a workshop in which he recommended exercises for people who had injured themselves doing Wushu. Many of the exercises are part of the Lishi warm-up routine.

Special places in Taoism We visited some of the places regarded as special by Taoists: caves where the early teachers lived and meditated, some with temples nearby. There was a chance to feel the energy and meditate at these spots and to understand why they were so special.

We visited The White Cloud Temple in Beijing, and are hoping to set up a Taoist Centre in Leeds with links to this temple to help spread the benefits of Taoist practices in Europe.

Ancestor Chiu settled at the White Cloud Temple after his famous trek round Asia after Ghengis Khan to discourage him from killing people. We also visited a temple at his home, built along a similar pattern to the White Cloud Temple.

Diet  Those living in the Taoist temples live on a fairly simple diet that follows similar to the Chang Ming diet in Lishi: plenty of fresh vegetables and whole grains, with little or no meat. Often these are enhanced by locally grown herbs and wild vegetables from the mountains.

Training  Away from the daily routine, it was possible to train around sunrise. Performing exercises in these places with special energy enhanced the experience and enabled us to take our practice to another level.

Classes This will give me a better understanding of the material we work on in the classes.  Tai Chi, Tao Yin Breathing, Chinese Yoga, Qi Gong.

Next Class  Thursday 12th September 

  7:30 – 9:00 pm

The Poppleton Centre, Main Street, Upper Poppleton  YO26 6JT

Beginners Welcome       07852 881 937



Reiki encourages the flow of healing energy to where it is needed in the body by laying hands on the client.

I have been practising Reiki since 2007, becoming a Reiki Master  in 2010.

Reiki can help people through stressful times: changing jobs, marriage, bereavement, helping them to relax and put changes in perspective.

There is also anecdotal evidence that it can help with healing injuries and damaged tissue.


My initial training was in Swedish massage, manipulating the muscles and soft tissue to release tension and aid relaxation

I subsequently  trained in Indian Head Massage,  and Deep Tissue Massage.

The Indian Head Massage works on the back of the neck and shoulders, scalp and face to stimulate the nerve endings and relax and reinvigorate the client.

Deep Tissue Massage penetrates to the underlying tissues to release long held tensions.

As part of the Lishi training I also learnt Chinese techniques to release energy blockages and stimulate the flow of energy in the body.